El Exorcismo de Emily Rose

Vengo llegando... y puedo decirlo con toda la tranquilidad del mundo: Me Gustó.

El tema de los exorcismos siempre me ha llamado la atención, he leído sobre demonología, ángeles y similares desde hace siglos, y doy fe, en mi calidad de fanático aficionado, y casi habiendo realizado uno hace muchos años (no pregunten, larga historia), de que esta es sin duda la película mas realista que haya visto alguna vez sobre el tema.

Las actuaciones, en la mayoría de los casos son excelentes, especialmente la posesa en cuestión. Los efectos visuales y la fotografía son "deliciosos", de una manera grotesca y sobrecogedora. No me da vergüenza admitirlo, en algún momento de la película, logro asustarme, y eso me encanta, creía que solo las películas japonesas tenían ese poder en mi, jeje.

Veanla, que no se las cuenten. Si se arrepienten de verla, se que no sera por que sea una mala película, si no por que, quizás, los hará pensar la próxima vez que despierten en la noche, y vean que son las 3am.

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Yueri dijo...

Hola Hellboy! bueno, que te dire, yo no he visto esa pelicula porque me asusto muy facilmente y hasta lloro T.T pero si me da cierta curiosidad. Lo voy a tomar de ti y la voy a ver pronto n.n lo malo es que ya viene harry Potter! x.x cines llenos x.x

Saludos, y perdon por spamear en tu blog!

Anónimo dijo...

What THE hell are you talking about? I dont care what Sony does outside the US, but they are selling these disks here doofus. That is what I took issue with. I never said I had the right to "put an opinnion on the way another country manages itself?" I'm talking about the S O N Y D I S K S being sold I N the U S O F A. If you euro morons want rootkit enemas by all means allow Sony to trample your rights, but what I took issue with (and you so kindly misinterpreted) was Sony selling these disks here in my country. So please, STFU and YOU mind your own business, and stay out of my country's affairs.

This is from the article on kotaku.


Erzengel dijo...

Stealth43 you are taking this way too far. you even came to my blog to harass me.
1.- im mexican friend, not spanish.
2.- whatever sony does, is their damn bussines, not mine, i dont even buy ANY single original record.
3.- i actually was talking about the KID watching an ADULT game, all that DRM thing is just none of mine bussines.
4.- If you get so angry about a post in a gaming site, you should really get a new life.

Anónimo dijo...

How am I taking anything too far? You were the one who started trouble not me. I went to your blog to see where you are from, I saw that you are mexican and posted a correction. If spanish isnt enough of a clarification for you, oh well. Its similar to saying American to someone from the United States (not that someone else might have done that ^^^). Sure we are American, but so are Canadians, Brazilians, and... Mexicans. If you want to change your implied meaning to the parent and child, I have news for you, parenting is a worldwide phenomena, and has ZERO to do with nationality. An observation is not any less accurate because the observer is from a different country. As I said before nationality has nothing to do with it.

As for my going to your blog, if you don't appreciate my doing so then don't make ad hominem attacks against me. I have just as much right to defend my name as you do. I mean really, am I just supposed to sit back and take it?!?


Looking back over your first post now, I see that you referenced my comments on Sony's DRM being a violation of the first ammendment, both in the beginning of your post and the end. Not once did you mention anything to do with the father and son.

Or maybe you just misinterpreted what I said.

Erzengel dijo...

you know something? its getting late... im not even real sure what r u so angry for... if i did ever offended you, i applogize.
so lets go back and see what new with the xbox 360, now thats is really important.

Lushya dijo...

esa pelica deseguro me quitaria el sueño mucho tiempo, mejor ni la veo :p


Inge Ryoga dijo...

I don´t even know how Stealh43´s comment got into this discussion nor what his point is! :-)

Está claro que esto viene de otro foro de discusión. Cualquiera puede opinar, pero si me parece que se abusa al "cazar" al que hizo un comentario hasta su blog. Al menos podría referenciarse de qué diablos se está hablando o al menos tratar de que tenga que ver con el comentario del blog.

Bueno, pense que el blog era en Español, así que, ¿para que nos preocupamos por estos comentarios?
No le veo sentido.

Saludos de Ryoga!

Anónimo dijo...

I wouldn't worry about what stealth43 has to say - he seems a bit imbalanced to me. Beware the ignorant loonies who spout off about their rights!

Speaking of which, it would be nice if he could spell "amendment" correctly though - might give his keen insight into the subtleties of the U.S. Constitution a bit more weight.

Sorry for posting off-topic, and in English, but I wanted you to know that not everyone from the U.S. is like Mr. Stealth.

Inge Ryoga dijo...

Thank you for clarify that, I know for sure that not every north american are like that Stealth guy. There´re some nice people like you, like everywhere. ^_^

Best Regards,