Gollum's Song

La siguiente cancion, si bien no refleja mi estado de animo actual, si me parece muy hermosa y triste, y por alguna causa la he traido en la cabeza todo el dia.

where once was light
now darkness falls
where once was love
love is no more

don't say - goodbye
don't say - I didn't try

these tears we cry are falling rain
for all the lies you told us
the hurt, the blame!

and we will weep
to be so alone
we are lost!
we can never go home

so in the end
I will be - what I will be
no loyal friend
was ever there for me

now we say - goodbye
we say - you didn't try

these tears you cry
have come too late
take back the lies
the hurt, the blame!

and you will weep
when you face the end alone
you are lost!
you can never go home

4 comentarios:

Grishnack dijo...

La rolita esta muuuuuy chida, la neta..... yo tengo ese CD y la verdad es la mejor...

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